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"Eloi Ragot is a sensitive, professional as well as great film composer.

The collaboration ran very smoothly and I enjoyed it a lot.

We first got to learn each other during the project 'LOSTENGARDEN' and I would consider it a great loss if Eloi wasn't part of my my future projects."

"Eloi Ragot is a great musician and composer, and we are happy that he's given with his composition a distinctive accent to our movie.

One rarely meets someone with whom working is so wonderfully easy and yet so precise and reliable. "

Michael Müller, Director of 'Nachtigall'

Sabine Bothe, Author & Producer, Royal Film

"I hold Eloi's work and passion for his work in high esteem.

Eloi's vision relies not only on his music and art to find the right sound but also his keen sense when it comes to recognize ideas and develop them in a creative way.


His music has given life and feelings to our movie and exceeded our expectations in many ways."

Nergis Usta, Director & Producer, nu pictures

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"What an amazing sense of drama! While working on the project "Tanz mit mir (Dance with me)", Eloi Ragot has shown that he felt the story in every little detail and always finds the right emotional solution to bring life to the pictures.

A gifted composer, reliable team player and the first person to contact for my future projects! "

Inna Dietz, Director & Screenwriter, Cheshire Film

"He [Eloi Ragot] is an incredibly loyal and reliable man, for the things are delivered exactly at the time they were meant to be received. During the process, he also works a lot with samples in between results which facilitates finding the right tone. This commitment and continuity led me to a great trust.

At the end you will find him, his tastes and his ideas in all of his music again, I find this is so incredibly good because this is not something random but carries personal items. It is precisely this personal contribution that I also appreciated when working with him, as the results is always his personal feelings and the feelings of the client, together combined, explored and mixed.

The process I have experienced is a very associative and illustrated one as without describing any instruments or notes Eloi is finding exactly the instruments and the melody you had in mind."

Moritz Adlon, Director of 'Finn'

"Working with Eloi Ragot was a great experience, I needed a soundscape that immersed the viewer in a world of frightening, unnerving and intimidating sounds and Eloi worked above and beyond what I had in mind. More than half of the power of the short film 'ECHO' is due to his excellent sound design and music work.

He has blended the sound design of the murky city streets in with the music in such a way that it is very hard to distinguish between what is music and what is sound design. It results in an immersive soundscape that gives me shivers when I hear it.

I'll work with him again, no doubt."

Kasimir Zierl, Director of 'ECHO'

Stefanie Trambow, Director of "Lenin in Vogelsang" and "Speaking Cotton"

" Eloi is a real stroke of luck as a musician. Whether it is poetic piano pieces, Russian military music, Uzbek folklore or sensitive electronic sounds - He is incredibly versatile and has already helped bringing many of my films to a special character and a harmonious atmosphere.

In addition, one can very good work with him because he is very pleasant human - modest, flexible and very reliable "

Joanne Rousset, Director of 'Is that the Question?' and 'A silent Invitation'

"From the beginning to the end, it was with the same intensity that Eloi attentively and very sensitively captured the right "color", atmosphere and soul of each scene of the film (ITTQ).

The many discussions with Eloi were very inspiring, because he is very passionate and really interested in the content of the film. Eloi is very sensitive, even for subtleties that characterized my film, the film needed a lot of soft sounds and that's not the easiest.


Working with him was very nice, as well as very balanced and very fluent in the work process.

Eloi was a perfect match for my film, because he was an "invisible actor" of it!"

"Eloi is a gifted artist and a very wonderful person as well.

It was very difficult to find the right atmosphere for a documentary that deals with a delicate topic such as 'mental disorder'. But working with Eloi was a very inspiring experience. His subtle way to communicate his ideas added up to our creative work process.

I hope very much that our creative paths will cross again in  the future!"

Anna Janikow, Screenwriter and Director

"I found working with Eloi very pleasant, he is very reliable.

His music for the film seemed so familiar, as if  it always had been there and he brought it to the world."

Kristine Nrecaj, nbb Studio / zemrafilm

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Eloi fits perfectly in our team: even though I'd always come up with more requests, Eloi has always remained calm and we were able to try out a lot. The distance work between Munich and Brussels could only work so well in such a relationship.

With his flair for music and especially the story, he has helped us make the film musically strong, without pushing the music in the foreground.

Ansgar Glatt, Director of 'Last Train Home'