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Karin Tshidimba - La Libre (Belgian Daily Newspaper) - 12.2016


"Eloi Ragot imagined the musical universe of LA TRÊVE note by note"








Yann Kerjan - Daily Mars - 09.2016


"Creating a soundtrack for a TV-Series" (Interview about the original music for TV-Series LA TRÊVE/THE BREAK)









Francois Jadoulle - RTBF (Belgian National TV) - 09.2016


"In order to write music for web-series, one should be familiar with lots of different musical genres" (Interview about the original music for Web-Serie EUH)









Alexandre Letren - Radio VL (French Radio & Media) - 07.2016


"A composition of rare intensity !!" (About the original music for LA TRÊVE)











Karin Tshidimba - La Libre (Belgian Daily Newspaper) - 02.2016"The successful Soundtrack of LA TRÊVE"



P r e s s

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Camille Delhaye - NOSTALGIE - 01.2017


"The Sound of La Trêve"

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Gaelle Moury - Le Soir (Belgian Daily Newspaper) - 01.2017


"Music, a major ingredient in the success of a series"

Pascale Vanlerberghe - Musiq3 - 02.2017


"Saturday Night Fever" (weekly 1-hour Radio show on Film Music)


Emily Thomey - WDR Cosmo - 08.2018


"Glorz & Gloria" (Weekly Radio Podcast on TV-Series)


Equinoxe FM - 09.2017


"Cine Films" (weekly 1-hour Radio show on Cinema)

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Randall  D. Larson - - 12.2018


THE BREAK SEASON 2 Album review from a blog on film and TV  soundtracks.