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U N S E E N by Geoffrey Enthoven

Kwassa Films / RTBF

TV-Series/Drama/Sci-Fi, Belgium, 8x45min





B E T R A Y A L by Katiana Zachariou

Meraki Films

Drama, Cyprus, 15min


D I E   R O T E   K A P E L L E   ( THE RED ORCHESTRA )  by Carl-Ludwig Rettinger

Lichtblick Film / IOTA Production / Vice-Versa

Documentary, Germany, 140min


F I F F   2 0 1 9  by Studio Tabasco

Trailer for the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur

Belgium, 1min


K E I Z E R S V R O U W E N   ( WOMEN OF THE NIGHT ) (with Hannes de Maeyer)

by Ben Sombogaart & Dries Vos

Rinkel Film / Hubbub Media

TV-Series/Drama, Netherlands/Belgium, 10x52min


L A   T H E O R I E   D U   Y   -   S A I S O N   2   by Caroline Taillet & Martin Landmeters

Narrativ Nation / RTBF

WEB-Series, Belgium, 10x7min


R E S E R V O I R   by Kim St-Pierre

Julie Groleau Production

Drama, Canada, 90min


S C R E E N   B R U S S E L S   by Lionel Delhaye

Narrativ Nation

Promotional Video, Belgium, 4min





L U C A S   E T C.  -   S E A S O N   2   b y  Lionel Delhaye & Jérôme Dernovoi

Narrativ Nation / RTBF OUFtivi

TV-Series/Comedy, Belgium, 27x7min


S P A R R I N G   P A R T N E R S  by Thomas Van Zuylen

Cookies Film / RTBF

Drama, Belgium, 20min


L A   T R Ê V E   ( T H E   B R E A K )   -   S E A S O N   2   by Matthieu Donck

RTBF / Helicotronc / NETFLIX

TV-Series/Drama/Thriller, Belgium, 10x52min





I R I S   A P R E S   L A   N U I T   by Gabriel Vanderpas

Stenola Productions / Leïla Films / RTBF

Drama, Belgium, 13min,


L E S   D U N E S  by Rodrigue De Hults (SOUND-DESIGN)

Thriller/Drama, Belgium


L U C A S   E T C .   -   S E A S O N   1   by Lionel Delhaye, Jérôme Dernovoi &

Benjamin Torrini

Narrativ Nation / RTBF OUFtivi

TV-Series/Comedy, Belgium, 25x7min


S E U L   A V E C   E  L L E   by Guillaume Kerbusch

Angie Prod / Tdv Films

Drama, Belgium, 9min


V A M O S   by Hans Lein

RITCS Film School

Comedy, Belgium, 27min





E U H   ( S e a s o n   2 )   by Brieuc de Goussencourt

Grizzly Films / RTBF / Canal Play

WebSerie/Comedy, Belgium,  6x9min

Internet broadcast starting Sept 5th

GRAND PRIX DU JURY @ Swiss Web Festival 2016


Web Fest 2016


L A   T R Ê V E   ( T H E   B R E A K )   -   S E A S O N   1   by Matthieu Donck

RTBF / Helicotronc

TV-Series Drama/Thriller, Belgium, 10x52min



BROADCAST on FRANCE 2, RTBF, RTS, Canvas, Proximus,  Ale Kino+...

Available on NETFLIX USA, UK, CANADA, and many more


T O U T   C A   N ' E S T   Q U ' U N E   H I S T O I R E   D ' E C O N O M I E   D ' E N E R G I E  by Florent Lani & Arthur Lhotellier

La Marmule / Studio Kippik

Comedy, France, 20min





H A R D   C O P Y  by Isabelle Sorente

Mise en scène Alexis Van Stratum / Compagnie Querelle

Theater Play, Belgium, 75min

15 Performances at Theatre Marni in February 2015


L A   C U L O T T E   ( K N I C K E R S )   by Laurent Firode

Origine Films

Comedy, France, 7min

Multi-broadcast on Canal+ from May to Oct 2016

Selected in over 30 Festivals

SPECIAL MENTION @ Click for Festivals

AUDIENCE AWARD @ "Rencontres du Court" Festival (Montpellier, France)


L A S T   T R A I N   H O M E   by Ansgar Glatt

Bayerischer Rundfunk (German TV) / Pantaleon Films  / Rat Pack Filmproduktion

Thriller, Germany, 17min

Selected in over 25 festivals

BEST MUSIC&SOUND AWARD @ Underground Filmfest 2015

AUDIENCE AWARD @ Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2015

NOMINATION for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE @ Aubagne Film Festival 2016

Broadcast on BR (07.2015) and RBB (11.2015)




A N T H A R Y S   by Steffen F. Kaminski

Magic Mirror Productions  / TaNic Pictures

TV Serie Pilot/Fantasy, Germany, 20min

BEST FOREIGN SHORT AWARD @ Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

AWARD OF RECOGNITION @ Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival


L E N I N   I N   V O G E L S A N G   by Stefanie Trambow

EVZ Stiftung / Institut für angewandte Geschichte

Documentary, Germany/Russia, 52min


T R A I N   S T A T I O N  by various Directors

CollabFeature Production

Drama, World, 100min

BEST FEATURE @ Los Angeles Diversity Festival 2016

BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE @ Kansas International Film Festival

SPECIAL JURY AWARD @ “The Goddess on the Throne” Film Festival 2016


V I E R   D A N A C H   by Julia Geiss (MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN)

NDR (German TV) / Anne Walther - kommunikation & film

Documentary, Germany, 52min


Broadcast on NDR (Germany) and SRF (Switzerland)


W E S P E N   ( W a s p s )   by Hannibal Tourette

Ygolen Production

Drama, Germany, 25min

Cannes short Film Corner 2014

Bollywood International Film Festival





E C H O   by Kasimir Zierl (MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN)

Thriller/Film Noir, Germany, 3min

Cannes short Film Corner 2013


E S   G E H T   N I C H T S   V E R L O R E N   ( N O T H I N G   L O S T )   by Keti Vaitonis

Royal Film Berlin

Drama, Germany, 18min

Selected in over 20 Festivals


JURY AWARD @Talca Filmfest Chile 2014


L O S T E N G A R D E N   by Nergis Usta

nu Pictures Berlin

Thriller, Germany, 22min

RIVER QUEST AWARD FOR BEST SHORT FILM @ Silent River Film Festival 2013

NOMINATION for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE AWARD @ International Samobor Film Music Festival 2013


M I E S   -   A   D A Y D R E A M   by Melanie Giel

W.I.P. Production

Drama/retro, Germany, 7min


P O P P I N G   T H E   Q U E S T I O N   by Amanda Sherpa-Atlan

Drama/Comedy, Germany, 5min


P R I N C E   O F   D A R K N E S S   R E L O A D E D   ( T h e )   by Malte Jessusek

Audio Book, Thriller/Action, Germany


S C H L E I E R H A F T   ( M Y S T E R I O U S )   by Tim Ellrich

Coronado Film Production

Drama, Germany/Austria, 13min

Selected in over 35 Festivals and many awards including:

BEST TRANSGENDER FILM AWARD @ 20th North Carolian Gay + Lesbian Film Festival

SECOND AUDIENCE AWARD @ 17th Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival

BEST FILM @ Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

BEST WRITING @ Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY @ Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

BEST PERFORMANCE @ Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

BEST TRANSGENDER FILM @ OutWest Film Fest (Reno, Nevada, USA)


T A N Z   M I T   M I R   ( D A N C E   W I T H   M E )   by Inna Dietz

Cheshire Film Produktion

Drama/Coming-of-Age, Germany, 28min

Cannes short Film Corner 2014

19. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

Independent Days / Filmfest Karlsruhe 2014


T R I G G E R   P L A Y   by Ivan Mandic & Felix Schreiber

LAZI Akademie

Drama/War, Germany, 23min


Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2014

20. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg


V O N   H U N D E N   U N D   L Ö W E N   ( O F   D O G S   A N D   L I O N S )  

by Kristine Nrecaj

Zemrafilm / NBB Produktion

Drama, Germany, 20min

Competition Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2014

Mainz 'Shorts at Moonlight' Competition 2014


W E R   I S T   H I E R   V E R R Ü C K T ?   ( W H O ' S   C R A Z Y   H E R E ? )  

by Anna Janikow

Documentary, Germany, 43min


W I E D E R S E H E N   M I T   M A R I E   ( R E U N I O N   W I T H   M A R I E )   

by Jonas Bomba & Josua Zehner

Cinephiles Produktion

Thriller/Drama, Germany, 50min

Hofer Filmtage 2013





C O O L   B L E I B E N   ( S T A Y   C O O L )   by Nadia Juhnke

Kaskeline Filmakademie  

Comedy, Germany, 12min


F I N N   by Moritz Adlon

Drama, Germany, 19min


I S   T H A T   T H E   Q U E S T I O N ?   by Joanne Rousset (MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN)

Drama, Germany, 7min

EL REY "BEST ACTRESS" AWARD @ Barcelona Film Festival 2013


N A C H T I G A L L   ( N I G H T I N G A L E )   by Michael Muller

Drama, Germany, 18min

NYC Independent Film Festival 2012


W E I S S E   W E I H N A C H T   ( W H I T E   C H R I S T M A S )   by Iwan Kroupko

Comedy, Germany, 10min





A   S I L E N T   I N V I T A T I O N   by Joanne Rousset

TaNic Pictures

Romance, Germany, 5min

'BEST MUSICAL SCORE' Award @ Berlin 48-Hour Film Festival 2011


A N N E   by Katharina Fuhrmann

SAE Institute Stuttgart

Thriller, Germany, 15min


H O P E   F O R   C O L O M B I A   by Raphael Buenaventura

Grace Media Production / Av-tonic

Documentary, Colombia/Germany, 52min

Humanity Explored Online Filmfestival 2012


M A S S A L A   by Krishna Bhati

Neptunia Pictures / Kaskeline Filmakademie  

Comedy/Thriller, Germany, 20min


M O M E N T   O F   T R U T H   ( T H E )   by Oliver Valente

Bongowood pictures

Thriller/Film Noir, Tanzania, 15min

SPECIAL MENTION AWARD @ Zanzibar International Film Festival 2011


S P E A K I N G   C O T T O N   by Stefanie Trambow

Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights

Documentary, Uzbekistan/Germany, 10min

Finalist @ 'Curto Circuito' Int. Film Festival in Santiago de Compostella 2012

New York City 'UNSPOKEN' Human Rights Film festival 2012


before 2010


( E X ) T E R M I N A T O R   ( T H E )   by Summer DeRoche

Rose Cidoni Production

Comedy, Australia, 7min



P E E P   by Summer DeRoche

Comedy, USA, 5min

Finalist Tropfest Australia 2011



Awards, Workshops & Artist Residencies

BEST SOUND AWARD for 'Last Train Home' (WON)

Underground Film Festival 2015 (Germany, UK & USA)


BEST MUSICAL SCORE for 'A silent Invitation' (WON)

48-hour Film Festival Berlin 2011



Program for emerging filmmakers organized by the film festival

Selected from over 2.700 applicants



Chosen on the basis of a competitive selection process by a jury led by famous Composer Bruno Coulais (THE CHORUS, MICROCOSMOS, THE CRIMSON RIVERS).



Meeting with the 10 directors from the 2015 semaine de la critique & Masterclass



Aubagne International Film Festival 2014



Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur



Aubagne International Film Festival













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