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February 20th 2017:

Just came back from the Berlinale Talent 2017!


I was very lucky to be one of the 250 filmmakers selected to this amazing program. During 7 days, we had lots of networking events to get to know each other as well as masterclasses and talks under the motto "Courage against all odds".

Among them, Agnieszka Holland presented excerpts from her movies including her new movie POKOT and gave an encouraging speech about our duty as filmmakers today.
































As one of the 12 composers and sound-designers I had some extra workshops on sound and meeting Nicolas Becker and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe was really inspiring.

They discussed the way sound can come nearer in order to share the intimacy of a scene or a person to the viewer so that It is more about feeling than hearing it!

Which is really my approach to sound/music as well.


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