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December 5th 2016:

Festival Are You Series? - Professional Encounters

Music composing for TV series


Together with Stephane Bergmans, one of the 3 authors of LA TRÊVE, I will be holding a masterclass on the music of the TV-Series.

We will discuss its origins, inspirations, music for characters, the collaboration with the 5 editors....



















Here is the full program of the afternoon:


15:00 > 15:45 Case study La Trêve

Eloi Ragot (composer) and Stéphane Bergmans (co-creator and screenwriter) will talk about their work on La Trêve. Eloi Ragot will give an inigt on his workflow.


15:45 > 16 :15 Keynote Jorne Ceuterick

Jorne Ceuterick (Strictly Confidential – musical editor) will explain the role of a music supervisor in a TV-Series production. He will also detail how he works with his own catalogue.


16:15 > 17:00 Round table on the music workflow in tv series

With Eloi Ragot, Stéphane Bergmans and Jorne Ceuterick, moderated by Hans Helewaut (Winner of World Soundtrack Award for

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