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2014, 9th December:

I am currently working on the music and sound design of the theater play "HARD COPY", written by Isabelle Sorente in 2002 and now directed by Alexis Van Stratum.


4 women from similar social background, wearing exactly the same clothes and having the same haircut are working together for the same company.

One day, one of them makes a clumsy remarks that will have unforeseenable consequences...


A black comedy about moral harassement and the exclusion of the scapegoat in an all-female environment, the play is first and foremost extremely funny!

The music will thus have to find its place between the serious of the topic and the humour transmitted by four wonderful actresses.


The play will be performed 13 times in February at Theatre Marni in Brussels.









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Director Alexis Van Stratum and actresses  Caroline Kempeneers, Cachou Kirsch, Isabelle Renzetti andAurélie Vauthrin-Ledent and

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