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'Last Train Home' and 'Antharys'

2014, 23rd June:

Last Train Home (director Ansgar Glatt) is a short film produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk (German TV), Pantaleon Films (What a man, Frau Ella, der Schlussmacher), Mamoko Entertainment (Love Steaks) and Rat Pack Filmproduktion (Türkisch für Anfänger).


It tells the story of a girl, Emily, whose brother is in jail for beating up a train inspector.

As she already faces a lot of problems to continue having a normal life, train inspector Christian is slowly planning his revenge.


It was really exciting to work on this suspensful thriller and we had very interesting discussions with the director and producers. It is always a challenge to find the right music for scenes that are visually powerful and we tried many different things in order to gradually build up the tension.  


Discover a short preview of the music here:

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Antharys (director Steffen F. Kaminski) is a fantasy TV-Serie Pilot produced by Magic Mirror Productions (Project Mindlog) and TaNic Pictures.


After a fight with her boyfriend, Clarissa decides to go home. While taking her bath, she is suddenly brought to another world where she's been awaited as a prophet...


Inspired by classic fantasy movies such as Willow or The Dark Crystal, the first episod has been shot in Berlin and in the beautiful Harz Forest in the middle of Germany.

The post-production team worked very hard on the VFX and the result is just bluffing.



Watch the first teaser here:

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