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Back from Aubagne Film Music Masterclass

2014, 27th March:

So here I am, back from 10 intensive days during which I learnt so much, met so many people but slept so little…


It was amazing to learn from Jean-Michel Bernard, an incredible pianist and composer of the soundtrack masterpieces "Human Nature" and  "The Science of Sleep" (M. Gondry) and more recently "Hugo Cabret" (M. Scorcese) and "The punch Love" (J.Hopkins) with Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thomson to be released soon.

It was just a pleasure to listen to his tips and stories and he was really generous and willing to help us young composers in finding our own path.

He was helped by great cello player Jean-Phillippe Audin and made a perfect complementary team together.























I also had the chance to meet Francis Lai (2 oscars for the music of "A man and a woman" and "Love Story"), wonderful friendly and humble man, as well as Bruno Coulais (the chorus, microcosmos), who was just as friendly and open as so many other people during the festival. Everybody seems to belong to just one big family which would be cinema if one had to name it.


























With my 9 fellow talented young composers, we also worked on 15 cues extract from some of the greatest films such as Jaws, North by Northwest, Once upon a time in the West, French Connection…

These cues had originally no music and we were challenged to propose something and write the scores so that the music could be played live during the closing ceremony!

So we only had a few days to write altogether about 60 minutes of music, record a mock-up, write the scores and prepare the pro tools session for the big day.






















I personally teamed up with Valentin Lafort from Lyon and thanks to our good collaboration we were able to work on 3 different cues taken from Jaws (S. Spielberg), "Nous irons tous au paradis (Pardon mon affaire, too!, Y. Robert) and "Buffet Froid" (B. Blier). Particularly appreciated was the rock music we wrote for Jaws, that suddenly seemed to be a serie shot in the 70s!
























Two other cues for the concert can be seen here:


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