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Selection to Aubagne Masterclass & 3rd character professional meetings

2014, 3rd March:

I am very excited to annouce that I have been selected for both the Masterclass and the 3rd character meetings at the 15th Aubagne International Film Festival!


- the Masterclass consists of a 10-day training with 9 other composers led by French great pianist and composer Jean-Michel Bernard, who toured with Ray Charles and composed the original music of films such as 'The science of sleep' from Michel Gondry or 'Hugo Cabret' from Martin Scorcese!


- as part of the 3rd character professional meetings, I will meet two directors & producers preparing a film for which I received the script in advance.

I will be in a pool of composers and will try to convince the filmmakers with the music I will write according to the musical intentions paper they wrote.

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