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'Schleierhaft' and new Film Festival Selections

2013, 2nd September:

'Schleierhaft', which means something like mysterious but is also a clever wordplay with the word schleier (the veil or burqa), is a drama centered on an Egyptian family in Vienna, Austria. When Tahir's Son Adel sees his father trying out a Niqab, a cloth covering the face and worn by some Muslim women, he is confused and soon tells his mother who begins to worry.

This touching short film about tradition and family will be screened at LET'S CEE Film Festival 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

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The film "Wiedersehen mit Marie" (dir. Jonas Bomba & Josua Zehner) has been selected to Hofer Filmtage 2013, "Lostengarden" (dir. Nergis Usta) to the Silent River Film Festival in the US and "Es geht nichts verloren" (dir. Keti Vaitonis) to 3 new Film Festivals: Shanghai International Film Festival, FilmDayTon Festival Ohio and Achtung Berlin.

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Finally, "Is that the Question?" (dir. Joanne Rousset) has been selected to Barcelona Film Festival and won the El Rey Award for 'Best Actress' (Jadi Carboni).



at the Silent River Film Festival 2013

and has also been nominated for the BEST ORIGINAL SCORE Award

at the Samobor International Film Music Festival 2013

as well as selected to the Northampton International Film Festival 2013


"Schleierhaft" has also been selected to the 28th Independent Film Festival Osnabrück  and the 18th Forum of European Cinema CInergia


"Tanz mit mir" has been selected to the 19. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg Film Festival.


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