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I  have worked on 5 other shorts so far in 2012:



C o o l   B l e i b e n :


a comedy about a Russian Family in Berlin, discovering that their neighbor might not be the innocent student he said he was. For this, accordion and balalaika (a Russian Guitar) were my weapons to meet the dynamic of the film.



W e i s s e   W e i h n a c h t   ( W h i t e   C h r i s t m a s ) :


a drama around the way we see Father Christmas and what would happen if he didn’t look exactly like how we expect him to be. The main challenge for me was to compose the score while always keeping the Christmas atmosphere (with piano and glockenspiel!), whatever happens on the screen.



F i n n :


a drama about a woman bringing a kid from the street to her home. The score is based on two themes on the piano only, in order to emphasize the realitstic approach of the sad story. An extract is available under “Videos > Drama”.



I s   t h a t   t h e   q u e s t i o n ? :


a fiction about 2 characters playing a game of identity. This is probably something a bit more experimental, the music being based on textures and sounds, sometimes theatrical, sometimes floating.



N a c h t i g a l l   ( N i g h t i n g a l e ) :


a drama based on a poem from Oscar Wilde, about a boy who’s never cried. I based the score on piano, strings and violin solo, to fully carry the theatricality of the film. The Film’s main actor, Wolfgang Richter, is also a professional violinist that accepted to play for me the violin parts of the music I wrote.

UPDATE: (2012/09/30) Selection to NYC Independent Film Festival

5 new short films

2012, 12th July:


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