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N a c h t i g a l l  ( N i g h t i n g a l e )



Germany 2012

German w/ English subtitles – 19’

Director: Michael Müller

Cast: Robin Axenbeck, Wolfgang Richter,

        Adelina Lutfija    


Score & Music editing: Eloi Ragot




Short film that was inspired by Oscar Wilde's fairy tale “The Nightingale and the Rose”. In order to get a kiss from a girl he likes, a 12-year-old boy who has never cried in his life must show her that he is able to shed a tear.In search for these tears, he meets the nightingale who, after a career in music, and disappointed by their fellow men, vowed never to sing ever again.





Germany 2012

German – 19’

Director: Moritz Adlon

Cast: Leon Lechner, Jan-Martin Müller,

        Anne Werner


Music: Eloi Ragot




When Anna brings a kid from the street home, her boyfriend Ian seems particularly upset, especially as she decides to call him 'Finn'.


W E I S S E   W E I H N A C H T   ( W H I T E   C H R I S T M A S )




Germany 2012

German – 10’

Director: Iwan Kroupko

Cast: Jennifer Ehnert, Thorsten Wien,

        Iwan Kroupko


Music: Eloi Ragot




Everyone likes the excitement before a white Christmas. The perfect Christmas: Christmas cookies, colorful gifts, smiling children's faces, and finally, Santa Claus: his big belly, his perfectly fitted red suit and highly polished black boots. He usually flies his sleigh through the world in order to make children happy, and is often imitated.


C O O L   B L E I B E N   ( S T A Y   C O O L )



Germany 2012

German w/ English Subtitles – 12’

Director: Nadia Juhnke

Cast: Ulrike Hübschmann, Nico Josef



Music: Eloi Ragot




Olga and her son Igor just wanted to secretly use the refrigerator of her neighbors, who is on vacation. When they do, however, they make a disturbing discovery, and start wondering about the real occupation of their student neighbor.


I S   T H A T   T H E   Q U E S T I O N ?



Germany 2012

German – 7’

Director: Joanne Rousset

Cast: Nicole Draszow, Tim Engemann


Music, Sound-design: Eloi Ragot




A game of identities, intimacy and

distance between Lou and Gabriel to the play of identities. Lou is an actress. Gabriel has a recurring dream about a red-haired dancer changing faces.


S P E A K I N G   C O T T O N



Uzbekistan/Germany 2011

German w/ English subtitles– 12’

Director: Stefanie Trambow

Uzbek-German Forum for Human



Music: Eloi Ragot



Uzbekistan is the third largest

cotton exporter of the world and relies heavily on state sanctioned forced child labor. This short documentary shows the dimensions of the phenomenon as well as its connection to our own Western wardrobe.


A   S I L E N T   I N V I T A T I O N



Germany 2011

English - 5'

Director: Joanne Rousset

TaNic Pictures

Cast: Nicole Davidow, Glen Conroy


Music: Eloi Ragot




Jane is an overbooked businesswoman. As she is stepping out for lunch, she cannot help but be curious about a mysterious  gardener who seems at peace with Nature. She decides to follow him through the woods.



'Best Musical Score' Award @ Berlin 48-Hour Film Festival 2011




Germany 2011

German - 15'

Director: Krishna Bhati

Neptunia Pictures

Cast: Krishna Bhati, Prashant Jaswai


Music: Eloi Ragot




An Indian illegal workers housed in the basement of a restaurant by an unscrupulous, heavily indebted boss, is given a mission that does't go quite as planned.

H O P E   F O R   C O L O M B I A



Colombia/Portugual/Germany 2011

Spanish w/ English subtitles - 52'

Director: Raphael Buenaventura

Other Reality Films / Grace Media


Music: Eloi Ragot




The Film follows the 10 day Grace

Pilgrimage through and around the Colombian capital Bogota in November 2010. It is a portrait of two projects Tamera, a peace research centre in Portugal which organized the pilgrimage, and the Colombian peace community San Jose de Apartado.

It follows the leaders and participants of the two projects as well as the international participants from Israel, Palestine, Germany and other countries and shows the coming together of the two communities, their encounters with other peace activists and groups in the city of Bogota, shanty towns and remote areas, and with government officials to create a network of protection for the peace community in Colombia and to show a possible path toward a global culture of peace in a seemingly hopeless situation.

T H E   M O M E N T   O F   T R U T H  


Thriller/Film Noir

Tanzania/Germany 2011

English - 15'

Director: Oliver Valente

Bongowood Pictures

Cast: Lawrence Karabani, Babbie

        Kabae, Charles Washoba


Music: Eloi Ragot


Cassius is a wanted man.

When his led a mysterious figure in white leather shoes catch up with him, he is forced to talk. Cassius then goes into hiding, but for how long can he prolong his fate? This is a stylish mash-up of film noir and blaxploitation, shot through with heaps of African cool.

massala2 HfC MoT





Germany 2011

German - 15'

Director: Katharina Fuhrmann

Cast: Tatjana Zwirkowski, Markus



Music: Eloi Ragot


Anne is having to an affair with

the uncle from her good friend Francis. Silvia, the best friend of Francis, is secretly in love with him and tries to come between Anne and Francis, and certainly sees it as a chance when she sees Anne and Francis' Uncle kiss.


T H E   ( E X ) T E R M I N A T O R



Australia 2010

English - 7'

Director: Summer DeRoche

Rose Cidoni Production

Cast: Rhys Mitchell, Sunday M. Irving


Music: Eloi Ragot




What if a mother dependent 20-year-old had to deal with a Huntsman spider on his own to win over his long time crush?


A L M O S T   T H E R E



Germany 2010

German w/ English subtitles - 6'

Director: Nathalie MacMahon

Cast: Nathalie MacMahon,

        Ray Gibson


Music: Eloi Ragot




In a 3-million-inhabitant city, how many people do we see every day? How many do we talk to? How many can we remember of the next day?






USA 2008

English - 5'

Director: Summer DeRoche

Cast: Meredith Riley Stewart,

        Ant Sevim

Music: Eloi Ragot




In a peep show, a lonely pole-dancing girl is waiting for someone to insert a coin to make her dance.      

peep new


NYC Independent Film Festival 2012

Special Mention Award @ Zanzibar International Film Festival 2011

Trinidad & tobago International Film Festival 2011

Finalist Tropfest Australia 2011


Finalist @ 'Curto Circuito' International Film Festival in Santiago de Compostella 2012

New York City 'UNSPOKEN' Human Rights Film festival 2012

E S   G E H T   N I C H T S   V E R L O R E N   ( N O T H I N G   G E T S   L O S T )




Germany 2012

German w/ English Subtitles – 18’

Director: Keti Vaitonis

Royal Film

Cast: Mieke Schymura, Oliver Erwin,

        Malina Eber


Music: Kian Djalili & Eloi Ragot



Wintertime in a small seaside village in eastern Germany. There are not many residents left, especially the women have left the village.

Jan decide to move to the city, in the hope of finding a woman. Rose, the shy postwoman, loves Jan, yet doesn't dare reveal himself to him. Ironically, Jan hears from Rose, that his neighbor, the beautiful Betty, placed a personal ad. Instantly he sees his chance to stay there and does everything he can to win her heart. He fishes fish for her, chops wood, repairs her bed, carves her a gift.




Germany 2012

German w/ English Subtitles– 22’

Director: Nergis Usta

nu pictures

Cast:  Volker -Zack- Michalowski,

         Stefan Plepp


Music: Eloi Ragot



Christian Scholz, leader of the young, rising Left-wing Party 'LPD' meets a man while jogging, Thomas. The two get along very well and build a very close relationship of trust with each other, until Christian discovers that his friend Thomas has never existed in this form before. Everything that Thomas said he was, his origins, family, work, opinions, home etc. was a plain and simple lie. But who was this man and why did he lie?

Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 23.47.48 > Watch Trailer > Soundtrack > Soundtrack > Soundtrack > Video extract > Soundtrack > Video extract Soundtrack


Humanity Explored Online Filmfestival 2012

L E N I N   I N   V O G E L S A N G  



Germany/Russia 2013

German/Russian w/ German subt.– 52’

Director: Stefanie trambow

EVZ Stiftung / Institut für angewandte



Music: Eloi Ragot



Only a few years after World War II, over 15,000 military personnel temporarily stationed in Vogelsang, a small village in Brandenburg, where a garrison of Soviet forces troops was established in 1952.

From different cultural perspectives, Russian and German eyewitnesses remember how former "enemies" lived  together, the violence of the immediate postwar period to come,

shared activitiese  as well as relationships made of official and unofficial contacts, thus documenting a specific chapter of the German-Russian relationship history.


T A N Z   M I T   M I R   ( D A N C E   W I T H   M E )


Drama / Coming of age

Germany 2013

German/Russian w/ German subt.– 25’

Director: Inna Dietz

Cheshire Film

Cast: Artjom Voth, Jevgeni Sarmont,

Inna Gunis, Bella Bogdanowski


Music: Eloi Ragot


The 14-year-old Arthur lives with his divorced mother and the Russian-German Granny. In his spare time he plays football and his mother dreams that he becomes a football star like Bastian Schweinsteiger. Football is also the only topic of conversation with his Russian father who tells his son old football stories of his youth in the Soviet Union. But Arthur is only embarrassed that his parents do not understand want what he really wants: to dance with the beautiful Eva, in which he fell in love.

feld > Soundtrack Video extract > Video extract

T R I G G E R   P L A Y


Drama / War

Germany 2013

German/Serbian w/ German subt.– 23’

Director: Ivan Madic

LAZI Akademie

Cast: Manuel Krstanovic, Ivan Jurcevic


Music: Eloi Ragot



In the early nineties in the middle of Europe, a civil war breaks out. The multi-ethnic Bosnia-Herzegovina has become the scene of a bloody war between brothers. In this cruel world, EDO witnessed the horrific murder of his parents. A few years later, Edo lives in Germany and still suffers from "post-traumatic war experience" flashbacks.



Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2014

20. Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

Salzburg Klappe Movie Awards 2015

> Press > Website > Website




Thriller / Film Noir

Germany 2013

English– 3’

Director: Kasimir Zierl

Voice-over: David Melvin


Music & Sound-design: Eloi Ragot





A murderer is on the loose, in the rain-soaked streets, in the dead of night. A policeman, hell-bent on his capture, is on the hunt. The hunt for a killer.



Cannes short Film Corner 2013

short > Soundtrack > About the music

International Short Film Festival Detmold 2013

RIVER QUEST AWARD FOR BEST SHORT FILM @ Silent River Film Festival 2013

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE @ Samobor International Film Music Festival 2013 (Nomination)

Northampton International Film Festival 2013

W I E D E R S E H E N   M I T   M A R I E   ( R E U N I O N   W I T H   M A R I E )


Thriller / Drama

Germany 2013

German - 52'

Director: Jonas Bomba

& Josua Zehner

Cinephiles Produktion


Music: Eloi Ragot



Karl wants to start over. After he is released from prison, his only wish is to forget the past. However, as he meets his former companion Arnold, this one wants the money back that Karl has stolen from him before he was caught.

When Arnold uses as a leverage Sarah, an important person in Karl's life, Karl is forced to take action.


W E R   I S T   H I E R   V E R R Ü C K T ?   ( W H O ' S   C R A Z Y   H E R E ? )



Germany 2013

German– 43’

Director: Anna Janikow


Music: Eloi Ragot







The documentary follows Gwen, Axel and Christopher and their reflection and personnal vision on the psychosis they are living with.

Gwensnap > Website > Soundtrack

Hofer Filmtage 2013

> Watch Trailer


EL REY "BEST ACTRESS" AWARD @ Barcelona Film Festival 2013

> Press




Austria/Germany 2013

German w/ English Subtitles– 13’

Director: Tim Ellrich

Coronado Film

Cast: Atheer Adel, Alexander E. Fennon


Music: Eloi Ragot



Tahir's life is marked by a daring double life. He is fascinated by the wearing of the niqab, a cloth covering the face worn by some Muslim women, and finally decides to put on the dress. He is surprised by his son but before he can explain the incident, his wife appears and start a fight. But if he had to choose between tolerance and traditions, what would he choose?

> Website


LET'S CEE Film Festival 2013 (Vienna)

28th Independent Film Festival Osnabrück

18th Forum of European Cinema CInergia

21. Queerfilm Festival Bremen

Pink Panorama Film Festival Luzern 2015

5. Filmfest Homochrom

Transition Int Queer Minorities Film Festival (Vienna)

Pensacola LGBT Film Festival

Espelkamper Spitziale 2015




Festival Ohio 2013

Filmfest Dresden 2013

Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen 2013

New York City International Filmfestival 2013


achtung berlin – new berlin film award 2013

Shanghai International Film Festival 2013

Tamna de Aur Moldawien 2013

JURY AWARD @Talca Filmfest Chile 2014

International Filmfestival Sofia 2014

P O P P I N G   T H E   Q U E S T I O N



Germany 2013

English – 5’

Director: Amanda Sherpa-Atlan

Cast: Lola Fuchs, Robin Krakowski


Music: Eloi Ragot





Just engaged, Lia is having second thoughts about marrying Ian, and starts having strange visions...

Popping the question 3 > Soundtrack

19. Filmschau Baden-WürttembergIndependent Days / Filmfest Karlsruhe 2014

Cannes short Film Corner 2014


V O N   H U N D E N   U N D   L Ö W E N   ( O F   D O G S   A N D   L I O N S )




Germany 2013

German/Albanian w German subt. - 23'

Director: Kristine Nrecaj

NBB studios / zemrafilm

Cast: Edi Gjocaj, Rebecca Rudolph,

Tim Litwinschuh, Abdinaser Beka


Music: Eloi Ragot



Bashkim has to get divorced from his German wife, Julia, and finally marry an Albanian woman. It is the last wish of his father, who is dying in Kosovo. An Albanian who is not married to an Albanian woman is considered lost.

An internal struggle begins for Bashkim, who has lived 14 years of marriage with Julia and their son Luan. As Bashkim is not in a position to take responsibility for his life, his son takes matters into his own hands and travels to Kosovo.


Competition Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2014

Mainz 'Shorts at Midnight' Competition 2014

> Soundtrack > Watch Trailer

M I E S   -   A   D A Y D R E A M



Germany 2013

German – 7’

Director: Melanie Giel

WIP Productions

Cast: Jeanette Wernecke, Gregor

        Schlattmann, Dieter Rupp


Score & Music editing: Eloi Ragot



The year 2013: A young woman visited on the Krefeld Egelsberg the temporary 1:1 architecture model of the golf club house Mies van der Rohe designed in the 30's . Intrigued by the discovery of a mysterious golf ball, she is taken back back via surreal daydream to the year 1930, the time when the never realized clubhouse actually should have been built ...

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.13.01 > Website > Video extract > Video extract > Video extract > Video extract > Video extract > Video extract

W E S P E N   ( W A S P S )



Germany/France 2014

German w/ English Subtitles– 25’

Director: Hannibal Tourette

Ygolen Production

Cast: Alexandra Zoe, Elisabeth

Englmüller, Christian Harting


Music: Eloi Ragot



Marie left her house to see her family and friends again who live just behind the big oak. But nobody really missed her. Her father is gone, the cat doesnt want to speak and her sister Merle is late. So why will Marie stay? Because of Mr. Karl' s magic paw ? For the cranky Madame Michelle?

Wespen still champs

Cannes short Film Corner 2014

Bollywood International Film Festival 2015


Cluj-short Film Festival Rümanien 2014

Intern. short Film Festival of India 2014

Independent Days Karlsruhe 2014

International Film Festival of Uruguay 2014

Newport Beach Filmfestival 2014

> Website > Watch Trailer > Cannes catalogue > Cannes Catalogue



TV Serie Pilot /Fantasy

Germany 2014

German – 20’

Director: Steffen F. Kaminski

Magic Mirror Production / TaNic Pictures

Cast:  Nicole Davidow, Augustin Kramann,

         Lilly Gutzeit  


Music: Eloi Ragot



After a near-death experience, Clarissa lands in a strange and dangerous world where she was awaited as part of an ancient prophecy - She is the chosen one who will stop the dark forces that threaten the world. The two men who have for many years expected her arrival are to lead her to the mighty seer who will explain to them their fate.

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 22.47.39 > Watch Teaser > Website > Soundtrack > Video extract

L A S T   T R A I N   H O M E



Germany 2015

German w/ English Subtitles – 18’

Director: Ansgar Glatt

Markus Mayr Filmproduktion / Mamoko

Entertainment / Bayerischer Rundfunk

(German TV) /  Rat Pack Filmproduktion /.

Pantaleon Entertainment  / HFF München

Cast:  Stefan Merki,  Anna Unterberger,  

         Adam Markiewicz


Music: Eloi Ragot


“I’m not taking any shit from you, motherfucker.” Boris T. loses it in the subway when he is asked for his ticket and then brutally assaults ticket inspector Christian. Christian sees his life dramatically altered by the attack. Boris’ incarceration alone cannot correct what has happened. Also Emily struggles with the aftermath. No one wants to have anything to do with the sister of a thug. While she tries to deal with the consequences of the assault over which she had no control, Christian cannot forget what has happened to him. To take revenge on the imprisoned Boris he needs Emily. As she takes the last train home one night, Christian gets on the train. In this abandoned world under the city, Christian must show if he is as capable as his attacker…

> Soundtrack > Website > Video extract > Website > Soundtrack

FILMOGRAPHY >  d e t a i l e d

LTH snap2 cg


19. Schlingel - International Filmfestival

Oldenburger Queer Film Festival 2014

Landshuter Short Film festival 2015

38. Grenzland-Filmtagen

Meta-queerfest Minsk 2015

3. Ferfilm Fest (Kosovo)

Pink City International Short Film Festival (India)

6. Austrian Independent Filmfestival

18. Int. del Cortometraggio - Corto Lovere

V I E R   D A N A C H  



Germany 2014

German – 45’

Director: Julia Geiss

NDR (German TV) / Anne Walther Film &



Music & Sound Design: Eloi Ragot




Katharina, Marius and Malte have nothing in common except one great loss: their  father all died due to an HIV-infected medication for hemophiliacs. Filmmaker Julia Geiss is retracing the history of the fathers who died in silence.



BROADCAST ON NDR (Germany) and SRF (Switz.)

> Soundtrack vier danach_02JPG

H A R D   C O P Y  


Theater Play

Belgium 2015

French - 70'

Writer: Isabelle Sorente

Director: Alexis Van Stratum

Production: Compagnie Querelle

Cast: Caroline Kempeneers, Cachou Kirsch,

          Isabelle Renzetti, Aurélie Vauthrin-Ledent

           and Jef Rossion (voice)


Music & Sound Design: Eloi Ragot


One firm. Four women almost perfect, all having the same cultural background, wearing the same clothes and having the same haircut.

One day, one of them makes a clumsy remark and everything goes wrong.

A black, cruel and crazy comedy about moral harassement and the exclusion of the scapegoat in a all-female environment.

Festival Propulse Off 2015

15 performances in February @ Theatre Marni in Brussels

> Facebook > Website > Press Hard Copy

Over 25 festivals including:

AUDIENCE AWARD @ Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2015

BEST SOUND AWARD @ Underground FilmFest 2015

TV Broadcast on German Channel BR (29.07.2015)

BEST MUSIC NOMINATION @ 17th Festival International du Film d'Aubagne


15th Sopot Film Festival


North Carolina Gay + Lesbian Film Festival

Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival (Michigan)

17th Thessaloniki Int. LGBTQ Film Festival

Feminist And Queer Film Festival Romania

9. For Rainbow - Festival De Cinema e Cultura de

Diversidade Sexual in Brasilien

8th Side by Side LGBT Int Film Festival (St. Petersburg)

BEST FOREIGN SHORT AWARD @ Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

AWARD OF RECOGNITION @ Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016

Worldfest in Houston Texas 2016

T o u t   c a   n ' e s t   q u ' u n e   h i s t o i r e   d ' e c o n o m i e   d ' e n e r g i e ?

(It is just about saving energy?)




France 2015

French– 25’

Director: Florent Lani & Arthur Lhotellier

La Marmule Productions

Cast: Martin Join-Lambert , Christian

         Abert, Ludovic Salvador


Music: Eloi Ragot



A human family forgot to turn off his light under the dismayed eyes of God. The balance of the planet is threatened, it is time to act! Helped its very faithful adviser and an environmentalist angel with extremist tendencies, he decides to make every effort to convert humanity to "environmentalism" and thus save the planet.

L A   T R Ê V E   ( T H E   B R E A K )   -   S E A S O N   1



TV-Series / Drama/Thriller

Belgium 2016

French w/ ENG Subt. – 10x52min

Director: Matthieu Donck

Helicotronc Productions / RTBF (Belgian

national TV)

Cast: Yoann Blanc, Guillaume Kerbusch,

         Anne Coessens, Jasmina Douieb


Music: Eloi Ragot


The body of a football player of Heiderfeld is found in the waters of the semois, not far from the small town of a few inhabitants in the Belgian Ardennes. Inspector Yoann Peeters, who recently moved there after a family tragedy, leads the investigation with Sebastian Drummer, a young idealistic and inexperienced policeman.



BROADCAST on France 2, RTBF, SKY, RTS, Canvas, Proximus, Ale Kino+...

Available on NETFLIX USA, UK, CANADA, and many more

> Website > Facebook TCNQ_pic schleierhaft_still1


15th Festival  Internacional de Escuelas de Cine (Uruguay)

14th Concorto Film Festival 2015 (Italy)

16th Izmir Short Film Festival

Frankfurt Shorts at Moonlight 2015


> Website > Teaser TRV still

L A   C U L O T T E   ( K N I C K E R S )




France 2015

French– 7'

Director: Laurent Firode

Origine Films

Cast: Maud Buquet, Julien Baptist,

         Jean-Michel Marnet, Darina Agaeva


Music: Eloi Ragot




A panty can sometimes save a man's life. But only for a very short time.

Music recorded and mixed @ Studio Obsidienne in Paris

Multi-broadcast on Canal+ and Canal+ Cinema

Selected in over 30 Festivals

SPECIAL MENTION @ Click for Festivals

AUDIENCE AWARD @ "Rencontres du Court" Festival (Montpellier, France)

AUDIENCE AWARD @ Côté Courts en Val d’Oise (France)

> Website

E U H   -   S E A S O N   2




Belgium 2016

French w/ ENG Subt. – 6x9min

Director: Brieuc de Goussencourt

Grizzly Films / RTBF (Belgian

national TV) / CanalPlay

Cast: Mathieu Debaty, Erika Sainte, Grégory

         Beghin, Alain Bellot


Music: Eloi Ragot


Quelques mois après les évènements de la saison 1, Benoit file le parfait amour avec Sylvie. Il se dit guéri de ses problèmes d’indécisions et libéré de ses mauvaises fréquentations. Pourtant, malgré ses efforts, sa belle-famille ne semble pas lui faire confiance. De son côté, Pascal aimerait bien que les choses redeviennent comme avant entre Benoit et Jean-Marc. Mais Benoit, dans un accès de rage, déclare qu’il se réconciliera avec Jean-Marc le jour où son beau-père lui lèchera les orteils ! Pascal le prend au premier degré...

GRAND PRIX DU JURY @ Swiss Web Festival 2016


Online Broadcast on RTBF Website and CanalPlay (France)

TV Broadcast on RTBF2

> Watch it (Belgium) > Watch it (France) > Website > Soundtrack > Presse euhs2_poster > Soundtrack La culotte poster vlcsnap-2013-03-25-22h47m44s206 Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 21.54.12 Bildschirmfoto 2012-10-26 um 11.08.20

I R I S   A P R E S   L A   N U I T  




Belgium 2017

French  – 13min

Director: Gabriel Vanderpas



Cast: Ana Rodriguez, Melissa Leon Martin,  

         Mara Taquin, Dan Gagnon


Music: Eloi Ragot & Tuur Florizoone


Au milieu de la nuit, Iris, une jeune femme d’une trentaine d’années, se rend dans une maison en pleine campagne. Dans une chambre, une fillette de deux ans dort encore. La petite Léa vient de perdre ses parents.

Iris se retrouve confrontée à la promesse faite à sa meilleure amie, le jour où elle a accepté de devenir la marraine de Léa. En cas de décès, elle s’occuperait de l’enfant.

> Website





Belgium/Netherlands 2017

Dutch  – 27min

Director: Hans Lein

RITCS FIlm School Brussels

Cast: Anna Maria de Schepper, Sabri Saad el



Music: Eloi Ragot


Vamos is a melodrama with some suspense elements, about the spinster Nelly and her possessive mother. Gradually Nelly begins to believe in her own strength and femininity.


What if your mother needs all of your attention and you are dreaming of a wild adventurous life?

> Facebook vamos

L U C A S   E T C .   -   S E A S O N   1  




Belgium 2017

French  – 25x7min

Director: Lionel Delhaye, Jérôme Dernovoi et

Benjamin Torrini

Narrativ Nation/ RTBF (Belgian national TV) /

TV5 Monde / RTS / VRT

Cast: Hugo Gonzalez, Elliot Goldberg, Angelo

         dello Spedale, Chloé von Arx


Music: Eloi Ragot & LE MOTEL


Lucas is a 12 year old, who is starting out in his new family… a patchwork family, where he is going to have to make a place for himself. Lucas, cheeky only son with his head in the clouds is the complete opposite of the Goossens family whose children made up the rules a long time ago…


> Trailer lucas ect > Website > Teaser IRIS_APRES_LA_NUIT_02 > Season 1

L A   T R Ê V E   ( T H E   B R E A K )   -   S E A S O N   2



TV-Series / Drama/Thriller

Belgium 2018

French w/ ENG Subt. – 10x52min

Showrunner: Matthieu Donck

Helicotronc Productions / RTBF (Belgian

national TV) / NETFLIX


Music: Eloi Ragot




Été 2018. Musso, un petit village perdu dans les forêts ardennaises.

Le docteur Orban, la psychiatre qui s’occupait de Yoann Peeters, suit un nouveau patient : Dany Bastin, un jeune homme de 27 ans en réinsertion.

La thérapie suit son cours lorsque Dany est accusé d’un nouveau meurtre, celui d’Astrid Du Tilleul, une riche bourgeoise chez qui il travaillait comme jardinier.

Convaincue que Dany est innocent, la psy demande à Yoann Peeters de l’aider. Mais ce dernier est réticent. Il n’est plus flic, et il s’était promis de ne plus jamais enquêter…

44177312_1049848211862598_7554981876075593728_o copy