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Eloi Ragot is a Film Composer and Multi-instrumentalist with a unique approach to creating intense, sensorial and immersive soundtracks.


His work includes the original music for international series such as La Trêve (The Break, Best French-Speaking Series Award @ Series Mania Festival 2016, 2 seasons now on Netflix), Keizersvrouwen (Women of the Night, co-written with Hannes de Maeyer, now on Netflix) and the brand new Belgian Sci-Fi Series Invisible (Unseen).


Besides TV series, Eloi has been working on the Canadian feature film Reservoir and the WWII feature documentary The Red Orchestra (Die Rote Kapelle, for which he recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra), the later hitting cinemas soon in early 2021.


Self-taught pianist and guitarist, Eloi is also a classically-trained trompeter and studied musical analysis and writing. Since 2008, he has composed, arranged and produced music for over 40 films for diverse production companies and TV channels.

He was selected to various artist-in-residence programs including the prestigious Berlinale Talent in 2017.


As a passionate Music Producer, Eloi likes to combine techniques such as field recording, sampling, electronic and acoustics sounds & instruments to create unique soundscapes.


Eloi lives and works between Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

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"Eloi Ragot is a sensitive, professional as well as great composer. [...]"

"What an amazing sense for dramaturgy! [...] A talented composer, reliable team player and after this collaboration the first person to contact for my future projects!"

Nergis Usta, Director & Producer,

nu pictures

Inna Dietz, Director & Screenwriter, Cheshire Film

"[...] His music has given life and feelings to our movie and exceeded our expectations in many ways."

“[...] One rarely meets someone with whom working is so wonderfully easy, yet so precise and reliable.”

Michael Müller, Director of 'Nachtigall (Nightingale)'

Sabine Bothe, Screenwriter & Producer, Royal Film

"[...] Collaborating with him was very nice, as well as very balanced and smooth in the working process. Eloi was just the right person for my film because he was an "invisible actor" of it!"

Joanne Rousset, Director of 'Is that the Question?' and 'A silent Invitation'

"[...] He is an extremely reliable man, for the things are delivered exactly at the time they were meant to be received. [...]"

Moritz Adlon, Director of 'Finn'

"Eloi is a real stroke of luck as a musician. Whether it is poetic piano pieces, Russian military music, Uzbek folklore or sensitive electronic sounds - he is incredibly versatile [...]"

Stefanie Trambow, Director and Producer of 'Speaking Cotton' and 'Lenin in Vogelsang'

"[...] Eloi worked above and beyond what I had in mind. More than half of the power of the short film 'ECHO' is due to his excellent sound design and music work. [...]"

Kasimir Zierl, Director of 'ECHO'

“[...] Working with Eloi was a very inspiring experience. [...]"

Anna Janikow, Director & Screenwriter

" [...] His music for the film seemed so familiar, as if  it always had been there [...]."

Kristine Nrecaj, Director & Screenwriter,   nbb Studio / zemrafilm

"We were on the same page from start to finish - In his music, Eloi delivered everything I could have hoped for and more..."

Steffen F. Kaminski, Director & Screenwriter, Magic Mirror Productions

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B i o g r a p h y

pola klavier pola percu pola ukulele pola trumpet


Program for emerging filmmakers organized by the film festival

Selected from over 2.700 applicants



Aubagne International Film Festival 2016


BEST SOUND/MUSIC AWARD for 'Last Train Home' (WON)

Underground Film Festival 2015 (Germany, UK & USA)



Samobor International Film Music Festival 2013


BEST MUSICAL SCORE for 'A silent Invitation' (WON)

48-hour Film Festival Berlin 2011



Chosen on the basis of a competitive selection process by a jury led by Composer Bruno Coulais (THE CHORUS, MICROCOSMOS, THE CRIMSON RIVERS).



Meeting with the 10 directors from the 2015 semaine de la critique & Masterclass



Aubagne International Film Festival 2014



S e l e c t i o n s ,   N o m i n a t i o n s   &   A w a r d s

T e s t i m o n i a l s  

Photo: Arthurs-H


" ... the soundtrack [ is ]   premonitory, insinuating not only the hidden violence and web of complicity Peters may discover in the village as he investigates Assani’s murder but also the ineradicable violence he may discover in himself. "


           Variety about Netflix TV-Series THE BREAK